Importance of the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, we are witnessing the production and manufacture of thousands of products used by human societies. With little accuracy, we can see that the viability and survival of today’s advanced societies is highly possible for the chemical industry in that country. Here are some examples to find out:

Chemical operations on crude oil, natural gas and coal can yield hundreds of very important and valuable products such as gasoline and diesel oils, oils, municipal gas, coke and hundreds of other petrochemicals. You can pinpoint the importance of these products in daily life, transportation, military affairs, agriculture, and medicine.

Extraction of iron from its minerals follows a series of chemical reactions in the long furnace. The importance of iron and its products is very clear to you. Iron and its alloys are used in the automotive, shipbuilding, textile, and other industries.

Production of aluminum from bauxite and other metals from their compounds are also followed by chemical reactions in the devices in question.

Sulfuric acid is obtained from the burning of sulfur or pyrite at the plant and subsequent operations on it. It is used for the preparation of various fertilizers, some salts, other chemicals, minerals, etc.

Ammonia and nitric acid come from the by-products of the coal and natural gas industries. The two are important in the preparation of fertilizers and for other uses.

NaCl is used for hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium, chlorine gas, sodium, etc. These in turn are used in the manufacture of soap, paper and cotton and wool, plastic, fiber and so on. Through chemical operations on wood, products such as silk, fibers, types of paper, plastics, smoke-free powders, activated charcoal, acetic acid, ethanol and methanol, terbantin, resin, acetone, etc. can be obtained.

They are also obtained by chemical reactions on the raw materials desired by the types of glass and types of artificial colors. The preparation of a variety of ceramics and ceramic products is also accompanied by a number of chemical reactions.

Energy production, in turn, is mostly of chemical origin and of the chemical industry, such as energy from conventional fuels and energy from nuclear reactions.

Likewise in the light of chemistry and the chemical industry, various types of medical drugs, pesticides, catalysts, and thousands of other products are synthesized, prepared or extracted. So it is safe to say that the boom in the national economy is largely possible in the light of the chemical and chemical industries.

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