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Mahan shimi ayrik CompanyProduction and supply of chemical raw materials

Mahan shimi ayrik Company With over a decade of experience in the field of chemicals, with the aim of supplying the required chemical raw materials for manufacturing, agricultural, power plants, etc.,  Company has been able to make a significant contribution to expanding the trade of this region.
The presence of large manufacturers in different industries on our customer list indicates that our efforts to deliver quality products at reasonable prices, conditions and delivery times have been successful and we have been able to satisfy our customers as we are currently producing. Over 2000 tons of concentrated sulfuric acid per month and 1000 tons of hydrochloric acid in the form of long-term and short-term contracts, we have proudly obtained a favorable share of the market for these commonly used products.
The high volume of our products has enabled us to stay as constant as possible against price fluctuations and to step up our customers’ minds to reduce this risk. Special emphasis of company managers on production and supply of quality goods and its stabilization has made us constantly control the quality of products by various competent authorities, and by providing specialized shipping fleet we have been able to provide a suitable response to our customers’ needs in the field of fast and efficient shipping. Let’s go.
It is worth noting that in order to meet other customer needs and to complete the product portfolio, the following chemicals are supplied and ready for delivery with the optimum quality and competitive price.

• caustic soda flake and liquid (sodium hydroxide)

• Laboratory chemicals
And other chemicals
• 24% Copper Sulfate
• Bleach
• Chlorine and calciom hypochlorite ca(ocl 2)

In the end, Mahan shimi ayrik Company is honored to be the trusted leader in the field, to establish the groundwork for start-up partnerships.

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